Glen Feshie – 1 May 2011

As we set off today for a ride in the rain near Peebles, Bill asked me if I thought all the bridges would be intact. This wasn’t as random a question as it sounds, nearly a year ago we had maybe the most fun and memorable mountain bike ride ever. Thanks to Will and Kate’s royal nuptuals we had a long long weekend and decided to celebrate Si and Derm’s 40th birthdays with a weekend in Aviemore which turned out to be the warmest, sunniest weekend of the year.

On the Sunday, a group of us headed up Glen Feshie on the mountain bike. Here’s the story in pictures…

Started out on gorgeous singletrack up the east side of the river Feshie

After riding for some time we reach the bridge that marks our halfway point and leads to the return on the other side of the river!

Fancy skills aren't going to help here

COLD feet!!!

It looks warm but note the snow on the hills in the background, that water was ice-cold melt-water



beautiful descending

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