Mountain bike orienteering – Glentress

The second round of the Scottish mountain bike orienteering (SMBO) series for 2012 was at Glentress last weekend. I like to think I know Glentress pretty well, including a lot of the ‘off-piste’ but I’m happy to say that I discovered two new trails on Sunday – and one is a real beauty of a descent 🙂

So many trails, such tired legs

There are more trails that I don’t know on the map so I’ll be keeping hold of that and going back for another explore sometime soon.

The weather was dry, and sunny although very cold, perfect riding weather really. So, how did we do? Well we came second last (again). We spent a lot of time plotting our route (15mins) because it was a really tricky map to get your head round, GT is a confusing forest with a real maze of fireroad, marked bike trails, walkers paths and other singletrack. Then we had to climb up into the forest – old skool-style up the fireroad! It really made me appreciate the newer singletrack climb as I had forgotten how much of a grind the fireroad climb is (even if it is quicker). In total it was 30mins before we clocked our first points…

But we did make some good navigation decisions and rode down a sweet descent everybody else was pushing up and took the sensible way up to the point high above spooky woods. We also caught the really great descent in the right direction. At the end we made a good decision at the bottom of red trail “sair fecht” to get up to the red “falla brae” descent for a big points point before then cutting out at red squirrel car park to race for a five pointer on Admirals blue trail. We got back 30seconds over time to lose 1 point but gained 5 by catching that last checkpoint so it was a good call.

I had a bit of a cold, but rode as hard as I could for the whole three hours. Navigation was alright (no big mistakes) so all in all I’m happy… even if a small child in the ‘generation’ category got more points than we did!!! 🙂


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