Air Maiden 2012

Spot the Difference?

Air Maiden 2012

Air Maiden 2010

I make the difference about 8″ of air 🙂

Air Maiden in 2010 was my first ever attempt at getting my wheels off the ground ‘voluntarily’. I’d had little moments on the trails when I’d come off a bump at speed, but never really tried to jump as I didn’t know how to and wasn’t very sure what would happen when I landed if I did get into the air.

The weekend is a female-only free ride coaching weekend at Glentress ending in a fun ‘competition’. Participants sign up to a choice of sessions with coaches Emma and Tracy (of “the Hub” fame) Helen Gaskill and Andy Barlow (from Dirtschool). Choices include; beginners jumps, beginners drops, skinnies, and the kicker(!).

Back in 2010 I did beginner drops and beginner jumps and was very pleased to get the small amount of air you see in the photo above and to also ride off the small ‘huck’. In 2012 I was ready for more – progressive jumps and ‘the kicker’!

The weekends are so much fun. The coaches are fantastic, the ‘girls’ range from teenagers to well into their 40s and are all so friendly and always willing to advise and support, the atmosphere is so supportive, it’s perfect for learning and challenging yourself but with really no pressure to do anything you’re not sure about.

And for those who are still not sure you want to get your wheels off the ground – you don’t know what you’re missing 🙂

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