Goodbye bump…. hello little boy!

Bump's last mtb ride at 37.5 weeks

Bump’s last mtb ride at 37.5 weeks

A friend who has never mountain biked before wanted to give it a try (yay a convert!) so I decided that since I felt good I’d go along with her for a very easy run at Glentress. And so bump had his last ride as a bump at 37.5 weeks gestation. It was a nice day, we drove up to the top carpark and had two leisurely goes round the green route. Then I took the van back down the hill while they rode down the blue back to the Peel cafe. My friend enjoyed herself (or at least said she did) so I am hoping she’ll come back with me after the birth to keep me company while I attempt my first post-pregnancy full climb up from the bottom car park.

Two weeks after that ride, we were overjoyed to be able to meet our wee boy!

Obviously nobody can predict what labour and birth might have in store for them, there are so many factors over which we have absolutely no control, and so much is down to luck. But being active throughout pregnancy and having experience of endurance sports pre-pregnancy certainly felt like it helped me cope with the psychological side of labour and birth. We were fortunate to spend most of the labour at home or in the birthing pool and both recovered from the birth well.

In fact, we were so fortunate in our experience and recovery that last weekend, after just three weeks, I was feeling ready to get back on my bike. The boy is breastfeeding every 1.5-2hrs so I am not planning anything strenuous anytime soon, but cabin-fever was starting to set in after two weeks spent mainly indoors with only gentle walks with the sling or pram to keep me mobile. So, on Saturday my husband took the boy and I headed out on my hardtail for a gentle bike path ride.

I started with the sheer joy of being able to manual up a large kerb… a couple of bunny hops, followed by a descent of a small flight of steps. Oh my goodness it’s good to not be responsible for a permanent passenger any more!!

I blasted up a smooth off-road path for 20km in 1hr20m (a route that took me a good 2hrs when pregnant). Got back in time for the boy’s next feed with a dose of sunshine and the cobwebs blown away…. almost makes it possible to handle the sleep deprivation 🙂

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