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Making time


It’s taken a month to finally write this blog post as life with a toddler flashes by with never enough time to do even half of what I’d like to do.

I’m so glad that despite the fact is meant cutting our holiday a couple of days short, my husband encouraged me to make the effort to go on my bike club’s annual weekend away in early October. Two glorious days of riding mountain bikes for the fun of it. No time pressures to get back to take over childcare or baby dinner times. And great company!

Twenty of us left the trailhead together on Saturday before splitting into smaller groups out on the trail. I rode in a group taking the red at a steady pace, stopping to coach ourselves through any obstacles that gave us pause. The weather obliged with glorious autumn sunshine too. It was a weekend designed perfectly to remind me why I ride bikes 🙂

On the subject of fabulous women’s mountain biking events, club weekend away came just a couple of weeks after the Rachel Atherton foxhunt event.


Held just outside Edinburgh, the foxhunt format has been run by Red Bull with Gee Atherton but Rachel’s foxhunt was women only. The race is mass-start with the “fox” starting off the back with the aim of passing the whole field.
Saturday was practice and seeding runs and Sunday was the race. I really enjoyed Saturday and wasn’t too disappointed with my seeding. However unfortunately I woke on Sunday with my dodgy shoulder ceased solid and couldn’t actually race 😦

I shouldn’t have been so surprised I suppose. I really haven’t ridden much this year, and the open-hillside riding on tussocky grass was brutal on the upper body. Not to mention the mammoth push-up!

IMG_1987 IMG_1985 IMG_1974 IMG_1984 lindsayC_emmawhitakervision

Although I really enjoyed the foxhunt weekend, and even enjoyed spectating on the Sunday I was a bit down about things – Struggling to fit in the training required just to survive the events I want to do, like the Selkirk mtb marathon back in June. I used to be able to just sign up for stuff and know I was fit enough or that it would be easy to just add a few more training miles. Now it’s really not so easy to find any more time in the day.

But then came the Hervélo weekend away and I realised that events are great, but sometimes just riding with friends for fun is better.

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